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Tortort Manufacturing came about as a way to take an interest in weapons to the next level. After countless years of building and modifying weapons for personal use, it finally came time to share our interest with fellow enthusiast’s.


At Tortort we design and manufacture AK rifle parts. All parts we design have common facets that help to set our mission apart from that of others.  By utilizing our years of experience and the latest design software and CNC machining methods, we’re able to provide high quality upgrade parts.


All parts are designed in SolidWorks and MasterCam and machined on the latest Hurco CNC machines. We take the time to design and machine each part using aerospace general dimensioning and tolerance guidelines. At the same time, we are constantly testing and refining our designs to make sure they are safe and operate correctly.


Our capabilities are not just limited to what we currently sell. We are equipped to handle R&D prototype projects or high volume part manufacturing. Our design and machining staff are fully equipped and have the knowledge to handle any project thrown their way.

Chinese Front Trunnion

AK Products

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